Solar Power System in shelter or container

Solar Power System in shelter or container


he solution for

• PV production and energy storage in on-grid applications
• PV production and energy storage in off-grid applications

The benefits

• High efficiency in all types of weather conditions
• High reliability
• Fault-tolerant solution
• Savings on the overall cost of the plant

A comprehensive infrastructure

• SUNSYS SHELTER is a complete infrastructure in shelter or container including the following devices according to the application:
– SUNSYS P100TL or P100TL1K photovoltaic inverters,
– SUNSYS HPS hybrid power system,
– SUNSYS PCS² power conversion system and storage,
– IFB enclosures,
– low-voltage protection board,
– medium-voltage protection board
– network interface device,
– certified energy meter, conductors and accessories,
– high output three-phase medium voltage transformer,
– high-efficiency, three-phase auxiliary server,
– air conditioning system
– monitoring system.

• Full metal structure sized for static and electromagnetic protection.
• Wall and roof thermal insulation ensures the highest protection against water, wind, sand and dust even in the worst operating conditions.
• Internal wall and ceiling materials provide fire protection that meet international standard requirements.