• shutdown command to the PCs/Servers connected in the network
• several operating systems supported
• notification of alarm messages via e-mail
• JNC (Java & .NET™ Shutdown Client) optional.
Complete and effective protection

UNI VISION pro provides the system on which it is installed with full management and control of all sensitive UPS operating parameters and of the quality of the electric power supplying the equipment.
Monitoring via JAVA™ applet

UNI VISION pro provides a JavaTM  applet to show the status of the UPS through dynamic graphics.
L’animation du synoptique et le rafraîchissement des mesures se font en temps réel.

Ergonomic user interface: Web Browser

The graphic menu interface has been designed to make the use of UNI VISION pro “user-friendly”. With a simple click of the mouse the user can obtain information on the operating status, configuration, history log and back up time of his UPS.

Independent from operating systems

The information of a UPS equipped with UNI VISION pro can be accessed from any Workstation or Server, all independently from the Operating System being used.

Remote management: SMtP – HTML

For ease of consultation and programming, UNI VISION pro uses a common HTML interface that can be displayed with any last generation web browser. An IP address can thus be assigned to the UPS so that it can also be managed remotely.


UNI VISION pro processes the information from the UPS and makes it available in HTTP. This information from the UPS available via the network allows the network administrator to take the necessary measures on verifying any critical events. Moreover, in the case of special events, automatic procedures such as the automatic shutdown of the PCs/servers connected in the network can be activated.