Modern network environments are required to operate with the utmost safety, in any environmental condition. The use of a UPS with your IT system guarantees an excellent level of hardware protection, supplying high quality electrical energy.
The UPS on its own protects the equipment. Its use in conjunction with communication software such as UNI VISION, however, increases the protection provided to the hardware and the data it contains, safely carrying out actions such as the shutdown of applications before the power supply is actually interrupted.
Shutdown of Server or local PC

In the event of short or extended failures of the mains power supply, UNI VISION automatically executes all the operations necessary for the full shutdown of the PC/Server where it is running.
Configuration of the program in local mode

The configuration of UNI VISION and the scheduling of shutdown events can only be managed by the installation server.
Monitoring from local and remote workstations

UNI VISION can verify reports on any faults occurring in the mains power system or alarm messages from the UPS, either from the installation server or remotely, using a common Web Browser
Simple and immediate user interface

UNI VISION is compatible with releases 1.0 and 1.1 HTTP 1.1 Server/servlet, implementing the SUN Microsystem™ Servlet technology. In addition the software is available in the 5 main European languages, plus Chinese, while there is also the possibility of including another, seventh language by using a simple Excel file.
Graphic display of UPS status

The clear and effective graphic interface will provide you with an extremely simple and complete guide to programming and display operations

History Log : UPS events, Software Events and Main Measures
UNI VISION stores history logs of the essential operating measures (Vin, Vout, Load%, etc), in .csv format files that are easy to consult using Microsoft Excel®.

Operating system compatibility:

UNI VISION can be run on:
Windows™ 9x/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista and Linux.
The UPS can be monitored with all operating systems, running with their latest version of web browser.

UNI VISION software has been tested on:
Microsoft Windows™ 2000, 2003, XP, Vista on Intel architecture

Linux Kernel 2.4 or superior on Intel architecture